Meet Traci

"Leadership is about "

President and Owner,

10th Dimension Leadership Coaching & Consulting, LLC.

Traci empowers and inspires leaders of all ages to: 

For more than 25 years,

Traci has worked to inspire individuals and teams to lead the change they wish to see in this world.

Her energizing, determined, and authentic leadership style has motivated people of all ages to reach their full potential. At colleges and universities across the country, she has armed students with the leadership skills and knowledge needed for success in today’s global economy. Teaching them how to develop a better understanding of themselves, build self-confidence, work collaboratively and stand in their voice.

Traci serves on the ATHENA International Board of Directors and in 2018 was honored as an ATHENA Leadership Award recipient for her dedication to developing women leaders. As the chair of the leadership development committee, she has directed and lead a nationwide team in bolstering ATHENA International’s in-depth leadership development courses. She is a certified ATHENA Leadership model facilitator, as well as co-presenter of their engaging, fun and interactive ATHENA Global Cafe.

Why "10th Dimension"?

The Story Behind The Name

The Number Ten

I was having a conversation with a friend awhile back, and we were discussing the different dimensions in our universe. The 10th dimension was “infinite possibilities” and that really resonated with me.

In String Theory, the tenth dimension is a single point that represents all the possible branches of every possible timeline of all the potential universes. All possibilities are contained in it.

Additionally, my college volleyball number was 10. Volleyball played a big role in my own journey to becoming a leader, coach and consultant.

The Eagle

The eagle is one of my totem animals and how I have a strong connection with my Dad, who has since passed.  The eagle was always strong in our relationship through the years. To me, it represents him.

But more importantly, the eagle represents rising above and also represents leadership. 

The Infiniti Loop

Representing the “infinite possibilities” of the 10th Dimension and infinite possibilities that are possible in leadership.

The Founding of 10th Dimension Leadership

10th Dimension is a direct result of Traci's passion and core focus on helping individuals reach their full leadership potential through increased self-awareness, self-confidence and standing in their true self.

She is driven to assist teams in building an inclusive culture that is focused on respect, engagement, and trust. Along with an intense desire to make a positive impact on the current and next generation of global leaders, Traci is unwavering in her desire for all leaders to stand in their strength.