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People Placement

Make data driven people decisions for amazing results.

Using Predictive Index, I can help you understand the underlying behaviors and motivations of your people, so you can make data-driven decisions about positions you place them in.
The Predictive Index

What is Predictive Index?

Using software and science, the Predictive Index is a tool that helps companies design and execute their talent strategies. By using a four-part discipline, you can align your business strategy with your people strategy for optimal business results.

Workforce Assessment Tools

Who Do You Work With?

PI Behavioral Assessment™

PI Behavioral Assessment icon

Objectify workplace behaviors so you can predict the drives and motivations of others, be a better manager, and communicate more effectively.

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Predict Learning Ability.

PI Cognitive Assessment™

PI Cognitive Assessment icon

As a learning indicator, use this assessment to measure an individual's capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts in the workplace.

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Find the Perfect Fit.

PI Job Assessment™

PI Job Assessment icon

Define the behaviors and drives critical to on-the-job success so you can attract and hire the best fitting candidates and manage them to greatness.

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Blueprint your Business.

PI Strategy Assessment™

PI Strategy Assessment icon

Uncover misalignment with your senior leadership so executives can work through their differences and get on the same page.

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Practical Applications

  • Identify Leaders

    Find your good leaders, and discover team members that - with a little development - have high leadership potential.

  • Hire Confidently

    Get clear about what a good hire looks like for you, and promote your existing team members with confidence.

  • Engage & Develop

    Understand the motivating needs and behaviors of your team so you can engage and influence like never before.

  • Accelerate Teams

    Get your teams running like a well-oiled machine when you know how to mitigate behavioral pitfalls and empower your leaders.

  • Lead Effectively

    Increase your leaders' effectiveness by giving them the tools to lead with a deeper understanding of their team members.

  • Drive Sales

    Cure sales slumps with a sales team that can't lose when they feel this cohesive and aligned.

  • Strategize Clearly

    Use data to drive and inform the strategies in every sector of your organization or business.

Public Speaking

Motivational and Educational Speaking

Keynote: "The Personal Side of Leadership"

How to sustain your personal fortitute.

Traci’s extensive experience in leadership development has informed a deep understanding of the role your personal fortitute plays on your journey to becoming a better leader. Watch and listen as she unpacks the personal challenges every leader faces. Namely, self-awareness, resilience, and personal energy.

Her keynote blends ATHENA International’s leadership principles with the power and cutting-edge technology of PI to impart wisdom into their leadership development journey. 

Call Traci directly for Public Speaking inquiries at (480)490-6813.

Group Training

Through PI Assessments and the ATHENA Curriculum, I can help individuals and groups understand their own needs as well as the needs of others. Learn how to make important adjustments that will help build trust and connect better with others. You’ll discover quickly how to better meet their needs and connect with those who are vastly different from you.

Applications of Predictive Index

After taking your team or company through the Predictive Index Assessments, it’s time to train up. Learn how to put the power of PI to work in ways you never imagined were possible.

ATHENA International® Leadership Development

As a certified trainer and facilitator for ATHENA International, Traci can lead a women’s leadership training at your company or organization. Training is based upon the ATHENA International Leadership Model. 

Consulting Solutions

Customized Leadership Development Solutions

Give your group, corporation, organization, or team a customized game plan for improving their ability to influence and engage others.

Conclude your Predictive Index assessments and training with a customized plan of action for your team moving forward. The PI can be life changing, but we all know how the daily grind wears on our motivations and best efforts: A plan for continued interaction with your team’s PI assessments is important for gaining its maximum benefit.

Follow-up with Traci after your group’s PI Assessment to get started.

ATHENA International's

Global Cafe Virtual Event

For a fun, interactive leadership development opportunity in a relaxed setting, register to attend ATHENA International's all-new Global Cafe event. Participants come together virtually to engage in current, relevant, and cutting-edge conversations about leadership in our world today.

If you're interested in joining these fun interactive sessions that introduce the ATHENA International leadership model, contact me for more information.

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